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This article targets anyone with previous exposure to machine learning but with little to no knowledge of the recommendation systems. …

In this post, I will analyze major Crime Indicators in Toronto in years from 2014 to 2018. I obtained the publicly available data set …

In this post, I will explore and configure a few classification algorithms (supervised machine learniIn this post, I will explore and …



Cognitive Model Priors for Predicting Human Decisions | AISC

The work elaborates on previous attempts to outperform cognitive models developed by social scientists by ML algorithms. The authors use the BEAST model to create a synthetic dataset and internalize its weight in a neural network. Unlike previous attempts, the model can work only on raw data without exhaustive feature engineering and achieve unseen performance.

Data Science and innovative disruption enabled by startups (video)

Gunjan Syal is joined by Jiri Stodulka, a data scientist, to discuss how the startups enable transformations via disruptive technologies. Subscribe for more transformation-focused videos and live events..

Combining policy gradient and Q-learning

This blog post is the collective work of the participants of the “RL” workshop organized by Aggregate Intellect.



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